A Different Rethink

Hello, wonderful people!

I am back from my “sabbatical” so to speak. It has been about two months since my  last post, but I was figuring out a different direction for Rethink. Occasionally, you get this feeling that something needs to be different. I just wanted to be able to include more articles about other things I love.

The new direction of Rethink is going to be awesome. I have this feeling that it will be more creative. Rethink is going to become a lifestyle blog for the modern Christian teen or woman. I am going to start implementing more articles about fashion, makeup, cooking, DIY’s, etc. Do not worry though, you will still get a spin on the articles you get to enjoy. I do plan on moving Rethink into more of the business world to be able to reach a larder audience. For example, now we have a Pinterest!

I am also still working out a schedule where I do implement the kind of articles I have written in the past. Just because I am taking this other approach does not mean that I will stop writing things that challenge the status quo and make you think. That was the original intent, and it is something that is going to remain ever-present on Rethink.  I want to stick with devotional blog posts, and get more interactive with all of you. Your feedback is something that I want. If there are things you want to hear about, I promise I will write about them in some way. I love you all very much and am grateful for the life I am living.

If you want to check out the Pinterest click here!

I am praying for you all. Please follow me on this new journey! There will be more to come. Comment things you want to read about.

Rethinking an approach can be important.

Love you all,


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